Lady Green gives you the possibility to choose and buy her floral creations online. The online shop bouquet selection is based on different sizes and prices, with different levels of personalization. All flowers are selected with love by Lady Green choosing quality over quantity, supporting local farmers as much as possible, but also seeking for the best floral delicatessen the international market has to offer. Please notice that the pictures are only a reference and flowers types may vary depending on seasonality and market availability. Lady Green will do her best to meet your taste when it comes to shapes and colors. Any tip about the recipient’s mood and personality, venue and occasion will be very much appreciated by Lady Green’s creativity.

Lady Green delivers flowers 7 days a week. Orders received after 12 PM will be delivered the following day. For same day delivery please contact us

Have a look, play with colors and be happy with flowers!

  • Vase

    The best thing you can do when giving flowers is to add a vase and if it is a beautiful, glass made, versatile and quality one, even better! Lady Green crafts your bouquet to the exact measure to make it look even nicer. Your flowers will never be thirsty and the entire collection is so cool that the vases will look pretty even on their own!
  • The large bouquet is reserved for connoiseurs and special occasions. Lady Green's best way to make your special moment even more unique.
    • Fresh flowers, mostly seasonal
    • Colors and tones based upon your mood
    • Finely designed shapes and textures
  • The medium bouquet is more than just a detail. This flower arrangement represents a chance for Lady Green to express herself and an opportunity for you to enjoy her creativity.
    • Fresh flowers, mostly seasonal
    • Colors and tones based upon your mood
  • small bouquet
    A little gift to yourself or to someone you care about. It can be made with few bigger flowers or a family of tiny ones. A starter of beauty, affordable for everyone. That nice detail that makes your day... take the first bite!
    • Fresh flowers, mostly seasonal
  • Medium sized bouquet mostly made with a large variety of long lasting greenery. The perfect gift for someone you don't know very well or for yourself if you have a modern, minimalist style.
    • Fresh flowers, mostly seasonal
  • Sale!
    Get the opportunity to have special deal on 4 medium bouquets with weekly or biweekly delivery to your place. When making the purchase, please choose the first delivery date and Lady Green will bring you your flower arrangement on a weekly basis or biweekly basis for 4/8 weeks.
  • Absolute Feeling Bouquet

    A very romantic bouquet arranged with red roses and others deep red seasonal fresh flowers. The perfect gift for real classic red lovers, suitable for never ending love stories!
  • Dedicated to those crazy lovers able to enjoy an eclectic, deep and sincere adventure. An unconventional bouquet where bright colours, funky textures and extreme proportions can still express harmony.
  • No time to shop around but still you would like to be romantic for St. Valentine? Do you just want to be sure that you're going to make her happy? Then here's the right combo for you: a bouquet composed by gentle flowers plus a pretty gold-plated necklace, heart shaped of course! You don't need to think about anything else! Just make her happy!
  • Pure Sensation Bouquet

    Ideal for those couples that share calm, respectful and peaceful moments. A really gentle and soft bouquet made with white roses and accompanied by other delicate flowers all in pastel palette.
  • A bunch of 3 or 4 different kind of seasonal flowers with a touch of greenery selected by Lady Green. You will get 14-16 clean stems that you can arrange yourself in a bouquet or even better you can use them to decorate your plates or spread them all around your home in little bottles or vases. Ask me for flowers and have fun!
  • Not only for flowers lovers! Why not to share this present moment sitting by the beach, on a bench in the street, at the park, in your house or wherever you wish. Enjoy your moment, enjoy your drinks & the flowers! Bouquet recipe: fresh flowers arranged and delivered into a handle bag with a bit of water to keep them fresh. Cocktails recipe:
    • La Flecha de Cupido: Tanqueray gin, Martini bianco, Martini fiero, Limón, Hibiscus
    • L’Amour Toujours: Bacardi carta blanca, Coco, Nardini acqua di cedro, Dry vermouth

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