Lady Green’s Manifesto

Here you can find the expression of Lady Green’s floral philosophy. Both her creations and the spaces she decorates follow her necessity of harmony and beauty. She finds her inspiration by following the latest trends in art, fashion and design, always looking for an aesthetic perfection that comes from nature and colours.

You can have a taste of all this by visiting the online shop, but if you can’t find anything there that satisfies your soul, just ask for a custom floral arrangements!

Stylish Attitude

Lady Green’s style is based on a continuous challenge to classical standards. She expresses versatility, freshness and elegance while respecting the flowers natural essence.

Addicted to Colours

A flowers arrangement is based on harmony and balance of texture, distribution, shape, kind of flowers and colours. This last one is definitively the one that allows Lady Green to give that unique personality to her creations.

Fresh Mood

Lady Green enjoys selecting and proposing unconventional and unique flowers. This choice is a celebration of sensory pleasure that only fresh flowers can give with their scent and their vivid colours.

Seasonal Approach

Lady Green has a seasonal approach that tends to respect Mother Nature’s cycles and makes the most of the variety of the floral kingdoms. As a professional, she knows how to select the best seasonal flowers, and she enjoys playing with the colours and the feelings associated to the 4 seasons.

Quality Obsession

Quality, quality, quality! That’s the keyword that drives Lady Green’s works. Quality that is not only about aesthetics, but also and especially about the product. A quality flower is not just an ephemeral pleasure, but an experience that involves many senses and may last several days.

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